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Feliz Navidad

feliz navidad desde Menorca

Desde Menorca Plus Apartamentos Menorca queremos desearte una muy Feliz Navidad y un 2010 colmado de alegrías. [...]

Cala Mesquida Menorca

cala mesquida menorcaMenorca beaches are the stunning natural attractive place to have a magnificent visit on the holiday. You will enjoy with a well developed beaches close to the secluded stretches of sand. Here you can swim and have a peaceful sunbathe. These beaches remain perfect for your needs.

Today we will talk about Cala Mesquida. [...]

Mahón Menorca

mahon menorcaThe name’s origin is attributed to the Carthaginian general Mago Barca, brother to Hannibal, who is thought to have taken refuge there in 205 BC.

Mahón, of 20.000 inhabitants, is the island’s capital. Its architecture shows evident British influence; remain of a time when Menorca was part of the British Empire. Still you can see by the way the ruins of the old English Marine Hospital. More about Mahón in Menorca. [...]

Menorca Airport

menorca airportToday we will introduce you the main Gateway from where the visitors arrive to Menorca; The Airpot.

Minorca airport is located about 4.5 kilometres to the south-west of the island’s capital, Mahón. It lies within the city limits of both Mahón and Sant Lluís.

Passenger Profile.

The typical passenger at Menorca Airport is a foreign citizen, between and 49 years old, travelling on holidays, with a European airport as final destination. Regarding sex, 52% are women and 48% are men. [...]

Apartamentos Menorca Fotos

apartamentos menorcaDesde hoy mismo, ya puedes ver todas la fotos de nuestros apartamentos en Menorca con una fantástica presentación generada por la aplicación Picasa. Solamente debes de hacer clic sobre la foto cada Apartamento Menorca para comenzar. [...]