Menorca Holidays 2012

Playa d´Es Bot

Playa d´Es Bot

A place to visit during your holidays will be “Es Bot” beach.

It´s 12 kilometres from Ciutadella, located between Platja es Tancats and Punta Roja.

The beach of “Es Bot” possesses an extraordinary beauty, remaining unspoilt and with outstandingly crystal-clear water. This isolated sea inlet is rectangular, quite big, it has vegetation in the surroundings, the beach is sandy and it is exposed to the winds from the north-west-northwest, a gentle breeze, calm water and a gentle slope. The marine and underwater conditions for anchoring boats are excellent.

Ideal for going scuba-diving and observing the marine fauna in the area.

In order to reach this beach, you have to go on foot from Algaiarens Cove, crossing a small area of scrub. It takes less than 5 minutes.

This coastal area belongs to the impressive mountainous landscape of la Vall, including la Falconera.

This coastal stretch and the interior of Tramuntana of Menorca belongs to the Special Protection Area for Birds by the European Union and Area of Special Interest (3.125 hectares) by the  Balearic Islands Parliament.

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