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Menorca Plus not only has apartments in Menorca located on the sea front, our rent apartments in Menorca service is complemented by the natural beauty of the place and recreation, relax and leisure possibilities.

The houses in Menorca are surrounded by miles and miles of beaches, coves and heavenly places, which are within the reach of the visitors to go and enjoy during their stay.
Menorca's gastronomy is characterized by its typical Mediterranean cuisine, with traditional dishes made with fresh regional products.

The apartments for rent in Menorca that we offer for tourists are located in a privileged place on the island. Its strategic location allows easy access to historical monuments and prehistoric settlements that enrich the experience of visitors during their stay in Menorca.

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Apartments in Menorca - Ajuntamiento Ciutadella

Menorca has got a population of 67,000 inhabitants divided in 8 populations, with an extension of 702 square kilometres and 216 kilometres of coast that gives for much, beaches, coves, corners lost in paradisiacal places that conforms a rich island in a great geologic cultural and hereditary diversity.

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Apartments in Menorca - Mahonesa de Menorca

The menorcan gastronomy is totally Mediterranean, made from fresh and natural foods from the ground and the sea.

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Apartments in Menorca - Caldereta de Langosta

Our cooking has known to conserve itself throughout the years, recipes that go on from parents to their children. The Menorcan typical recipes are still being developed and adapted to the present time without losing their most traditional essence.

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Local celebrations

Apartments in Menorca - Sant Marti

Throughout the summer the local holidays of every municipality are celebrated, in where the horses are the main protagonist, from June until September the horses and their riders, dressed in black and white, and the horses adorned with bows, embroiderings and carnations of colours, they revive every year a ritual that was born in the XIV century.

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Culture and History

Apartments in Menorca - Naveta des Todons

Menorca by its strategic situation in the centre of the Mediterranean has been the crossing site of different cultures that from prehistoric times has been occupied and has been a refuge and an intermediate port.

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Useful phone numbers

Menorca airport 971 15 70 00
Air Europa 971 15 70 31
Air Nostrum 902 200 222
Balearia 971 35 59 80
Firemen 971 35 10 11
Menorca´s Insular Counsel 971 35 60 50
German Consulate 971 36 16 68
French Consulate 971 35 43 87
Italian Consulate 971 72 42 14
Netherlands Consulate 971 35 43 63
United Kingdom Consulate 971 36 33 73
Insular Direction. State Administration 971 36 33 51
Civil Guard 062
Hospital 971 15 77 00
Iberia 971 36 90 15
Bishopric of Menorca 971 38 08 99
Tourist information Office 971 36 37 90
National Police ER 091
Local Police 092
Taxi 971 36 71 11
Spanair 902 13 14 25
Transmediterránea 971 36 60 50
ER 112